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Change the Appearances and Behavior of Connectors

The Style and Appearance options control the shape of the connector lines on a page. Different drawing type needs different connector jump layout. For example, the flowchart need not line jump style. But the project management diagram need jump layout style. Edraw can change the appearance, style, and layout of connectors on the drawing easily.

Adjust Connectors

  1. Select a connector.

  2. Drag the control handles or to adjust the path of the connector as you want.

    Once you adjust connector, the connector will change its Reroute Mode to Never Reroute.

    Select a connector, the Connector Layout toolbar will appear, select one Reroute Mode on it.

    Adjust connectors

    • Reroute Freely: The connector is rerouted whenever needed. This is the default setting for a dynamic connector.

    • Never Reroute: The connector will never reroute, even when a leg of the connector crosses through a shape to which it is connected.

    Example: Dragging the X direction control handle to adjust the connector.

    Example: Dragging the Y direction control handle to adjust the connector.

    Example: Dragging the Corner control handle to adjust the connector.

Set Line Jump Layout Style for Connectors

Select the connector.

On the Format menu, click Connector context menu.

Click the Line Jump Style button, and under Line jumps, select the options that you want.

Note Once you change the jump layout style, all the jumps on the page will be changed.

Example: Horizontal lines span jumps.

Example: Vertical lines span jumps.

Example: No lines span jumps.

Reset the path of a connector

If you changed the path of a connector manually, you can reset its path to its original position by using the Reset Connector command on the connector's context menu.

As you press Reset Connector button, the connector will reset its path and change its Reroute Mode to Reroute Freely as well. In Reroute Freely mode, connector will reroute its path when any operation happens.

Note: Only the connector has been modified by dragging control handle or , otherwise the Reset Connector button is Unable.

Once the dynamic connector is adjusted, the Never Reroute button will be focus, and the dynamic connector will never reroute until you click Reroute Freely button .

Add Text to a Connector

  1. Select a connector.

  2. Type the text you want to add to the connector.

Note: For Right-angle connectors (created by Connector tool , or by Line tool ), there are three text blocks.

Double click the area where you want to type text, the nearest text block will be activated.

For example, double click the begin point area of the Connection line, the text block near the begin point will be edited.

Reposition Text on a Connector

Many connectors have control handles for moving text. To move the text, select the connector and then use the Selection tool to move the text control handle.

Note: If the connector does not have a control handle, you can still reposition its text using the Text Block tool, just as you would do on any other shape. Click the Text Block tool, click the shape, and then drag the double rectangle that appears when the pointer is over the text in the text block.

Add Arrows or Other Line Ends to a Connector

change connector style

  1. Select a connector.

  2. On the Shape menu, click Line. you can also click on Format toolbar.

  3. Under Line ends, choose the type and size of line end you want.

  4. Click OK.


The line ends on a connector don't necessarily indicate the direction of the endpoints (endpoint: Either of the square handles that appear at the beginning or end of a selected line, arc, or other connector shapes in library.) of the connector. If you need to reverse the direction of a connector, select the connector, point to Rotate or Flip on the Shape menu, and then click Flip Horizontal, and also you can change the Line ends to reverse the direction.

Change the Width of a Connector

  1. Select a connector.

  2. On the Shape menu, click Line.

  3. Under Weight, click a line weight setting.

  4. Click OK.

Change the Color of a Connector

  1. Select a connector.

  2. On the Shape Format menu, click Line, also you can click the Line Color button on the Format toolbar.

  3. Under Color, click a color setting.

  4. Select a fill mode and color you want.

  5. Click OK.

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