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How to Draw Organizational Charts

Even as you create an up-to-the-minute organization chart today, you know it will be obsolete tomorrow. But you can set up your organization charts so that they are fast and easy to revise.

Sales Orgnizational Chart

You can also turn organization charts into dynamic communication and management tools by storing data in the shapes, such as department or telephone number, or even protected confidential information about employees, such as salary or start date behind the scenes.

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To Draw an Organization Chart

From the Organization Chart Shapes stencil, drag the org chart shape onto the drawing page. Shapes can be Executive, Manager or Staff. Double click to edit the name.

draw an organization chart

Use Quick Button to Create Organization Relationships

Select a shape, then you can click the quick button to add subordinate or colleague quickly.

Create Organization Relationships

Link Your Organizational Charts Together

It's easy to add hyperlinks to the shapes and pages in your diagrams. The hyperlinks can go to:

  • Another page in the same drawing.
  • A page or shape in another drawing.
  • A document other than a drawing.
  • A Web site.

Link your organizational charts

Modify Photo in the Organizational Chart Shape

You can click the photo to select it. Then click the Action Button. In the pop up menu, you can click the Replace Photo item.

Define Data for the Organizational Chart Shape

You can select an org chart shape. Then press F4 short key to define property for the shape. You can also double click to edit the text in the shape.

Define Data for the Organizational Chart

You can also use the Organization Chart Wizard to generate a new organizational chart from the Microsoft Office Excel or text data file.

How to Create Organizational Chart From Data

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Organizational Chart Examples

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