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Manage Your Own Libraries

Create Libraries from Images

  1. Click on the library menu.

  1. Click the Create Library From Images... button.

  2. Choose the file folder which includes the images you want to make as library elements.
  3. Click Ok. You will see a new library is created in the library panel.

    Create new library from images


    You can remove the library element if it's unnecessary. Right click the shape item. Then click on the Delete item.

    Delete library element

    You can also change the element order by clicking the Move Up or Move Down item.

    You can change the element name by clicking the Modify Symbol... item

    modify name library element

Create Library Template from Library Element

Create Vector Library Element

  1. You can use the drawing tools to create your own vector shapes in Edraw.

drawing tools

  1. After you complete the drawing, you can add connection points around the shape. Select the shape, then click the Add Connection Points Automatically item.

connection points tool

  1. You can add a text above the shape or a control point text.

add text tool

For example:

Save Library Element

You can save the shapes as library element. In the Library menu, click the Save Symbol... button. Or Press F11.

Save Symbol

The *.ede file and the miniature of the shape will be created.

ede files

Add Library Element

  1. Click the New Library... button in the Library menu. A blank library template will be created in the library pane.

  2. Right click the blank region in the template window. Then click the Import Symbol... item.

Import Symbol from Element

  1. In the pop up dialog, you can choose the thumbnail image, element data file *.ede.

Add Shape - Library

  1. Click OK button, the new shape will be added in the library template.

Save Library Template

Right click the library title, then click the Save Library... item in the pop up menu.

Please read Editing libraries.

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