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Networks are complex systems, and they are getting more complex all of the time. The larger the network, the harder it is to understand as a whole. Network mapping help to make networks more understandable by breaking them down into more manageable chunks. For instance, a very large network can be broken down into a very broad overview. Only the largest offices need be displayed, with the main backbones between them. The network can then be broken down into smaller chunks, each chunk revealing more details about the network.

One of the downsides to network mapping is that the maps require much investment of time to create. But, more importantly, once they are created, they require a much greater effort to maintain.

Network maps are an invaluable tool to help new hires get up to speed quickly. Maps can communicate more in a few minutes than a day's worth of talking about the network.

When contemplating modifications to a network architecture, network maps can be invaluable. Not only will your network maps communicate to you what changes are necessary, but they will also communicate to other people, too.

Less technical people also appreciate network maps. Often non-technical managers are the ones who need to sign off on network upgrades. If you have a means to communicate more effectively with them, then that may well ease the process of budget approval.

Network Mapping Software

Network maps needn't to be an onerous burden to the network engineer. There are a variety of network mapping software available that will help automate some aspects of creating network maps. More importantly, the tools will also help with decreasing the burden of maintaining the maps. Edraw Network Diagram provides a common graphics technology for network mapping across departments and disciplines, helping IT professionals transform raw data into visual understanding.

Using the Edraw solution, network professionals can:

  • Quickly assemble network diagrams using intelligent, data-driven shapes.
  • Create accurate, up-to-date network documentation.
  • Provide hyperlink to build the relation in Assets.
  • Pre defined network shapes to build networks.
  • Accurately track assets and costs.
  • Diagram directory hierarchies to produce migration scenarios.

Examples of Network Mapping

Perfect Network Mapping Examples Created by Edraw!

Network Mapping Cisco Network Diagram Cisco Topology
Network Diagram Cisco Network Diagram Cisco Topology

Symbols of Network Mapping

Some network mapping symbols for network engineer. Provide a Common Graphics Technology for Network Mapping.

Symbols of Network Mapping

You can find more symbols for network mapping here.

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