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Operating Shapes Properties

An Edraw drawing can be far more than a picture - it can also be a valuable way to organize your data. Properties are a collection of data that can be associated with shapes in your drawing or master shapes on a custom stencil. You can add, edit or delete them.

There are twelve kinds of properties listed as follows:

  • Number

  • String

  • Date Time

  • Duration

  • Currency

  • Boolean

  • Fixed List

  • Variable List

  • Color

  • Percentage

  • Scientific

  • Image

Add Data to Shapes

  1. Select the shape or shapes that you want to add data to.
  2. Right-click the selection, and then click Properties... item.


  1. When you see a message that asks if you want to define the data now, click Yes.

Note: If the shape already contains data fields, you will not see this message.

  1. In the Define Shape Data dialog box, type a label for the field.
  2. To create another field, click New and repeat step 4.
  3. After all of your data fields are defined, click OK.
  4. The Shape Data dialog box appears, showing your fields.

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