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Pyramid Diagram and Pyramid Chart

Pyramid Chart

Pyramid Diagram is very useful to illustrate the foundation-based relationships. Edraw Max, a business charting software, includes some build-in symbols for designers to draw all kinds of pyramid diagrams. Find the symbols in the List, Process, Charts and Graphics library.

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Basic Pyramid Diagram

Basic Pyramid Diagram

Basic Pyramid Diagram is used to show proportional, interconnected, or hierarchical relationships with the largest component on the bottom and narrowing up. Level 1 text appears in the pyramid segments and Level 2 text appears in shapes alongside each segment.

Pyramid List Diagram

Pyramid List Diagram is used to show proportional, interconnected, or hierarchical relationships. Text appears in the rectangular shapes on top of the pyramid background.

Segmented Pyramid Diagram

Segmented Pyramid Diagram

Segmented Pyramid Diagram is used to show containment, proportional, or interconnected relationships. The first nine lines of Level 1 text appear in the triangular shapes. Unused text does not appear, but remains available if you switch layouts. It works best with Level 1 text only.

How to Draw a Pyramid Diagram

With Edraw Max software, it's very easy to draw a pyramid chart from pyramid examples and templates.

To create a pyramid diagram, follow these steps:

Drag these predefined smart pyramid diagram shapes into the canvas. Then click the action button to modify the pyramid's layer number.

Draw a Pyramid Diagram

The pyramid shape is located at Marketing Diagram category.

Example for the Pyramid Diagram

The following pyramid diagram demonstrates a business perspective model.

Pyramid Diagram

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