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Value stream maps are a popular way to find waste in a company's processes - steps that do not add value to the end product.

Value Stream Mapping Software

Value Stream Mapping Software

Edraw value stream mapping software is a mechanism to improve cycle times and productivity by visually separating value-adding from non-value-adding activities.

Value Stream Mapping Software

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Value Stream Mapping Templates

The following value stream mapping shapes include the basic process, supplier, control, shipment, push, information and data table shapes.

value stream map symbols

The value-added flowchart is a mechanism to improve cycle times and productivity by visually separating value-adding from non-value-adding activities. The process is very straightforward, as outlined below:

  • List all of the steps in a process from beginning to end.

  • Create a diagram with a box for every step, in sequence.

  • Calculate the time currently required to complete each step of the process, and add that time to the box.

  • Add the time in each box to yield the Total Cycle Time.

  • Identify those steps that do not add value to the process. Non-value-added operations include: inspection, test, rework, set-up, inventory buffers, product movement other than customer delivery - any activity that does not improve the form, fit, or function of the product on the first passes through the process.

  • Move the boxes representing non-value-added processes to the right of the value-adding steps.

  • Add the time in each of the non-value-added processes to yield the Non-Value-Added Cycle Time. This is the waste that could be eliminated if only value-added steps were performed.

  • Add the time in each of the value-added process to yield the Value-Added Cycle Time.

  • Calculate the percentage of the Total Cycle Time that is a function of Non-Value-Added operations. You may wish to construct a pie chart to communicate the analysis.

  • Identify the target process configuration using benchmarking and best-in-class analysis.

  • Diagram the target process and determine the Total Target Cycle Time.

  • Analyze the Non-Value-Added steps to find out actions to reduce or eliminate these operations.

  • Analyze the Value-Added steps to identify improvement opportunities and implement actions to reduce the cycle time.

  • Diagram the improved process, compare with the target process, and identify gaps for further improvement actions, in an on-going cycle until the target is achieved.

Value Stream Mapping Example

The following image is created by Edraw max. It's a basic value stream mapping example. You can edit it in the software.

Value Stream Mapping

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