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Web Site Map Template

Web Site Map

Use the Web Site Map template to discover links and generate a site map for a Web site on an HTTP server, network server, or local hard drive.

Site maps help you maintain and troubleshoot your site. Use them to analyze your site's organization and to classify its content. Site maps are particularly helpful when you inherit sites you're not familiar with.

Draw site maps for web sites on HTTP servers, network servers, and local hard drives.

Conceptual Web Site Template

Conceptual Web Site

Design conceptual diagrams and high-level architectures of home pages, Web sites, and hyperlinked documents.

A well-organized Web site begins with a plan. The first step in developing this plan is to brainstorm about the big picture - the site's purpose, content, and overall organization. You can stimulate this discussion by creating a high-level, conceptual diagram of your new Web site using the Conceptual Web Site template. You can also use this type of diagram to reorganize an existing site.

Web Diagram Software

Edraw Max is a vector-based diagramming software with rich examples and templates which make it easy to create web site maps, conceptual web site and other web diagrams.

Web Diagram Software

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Ready-made Symbols for Conceptual Web Site

Use these shapes to represent general content, such as pages, page groups and related pages.

Symbols for Conceptual Web Site

Web Site Map Shapes

Use these shapes to represent specific content, such as ActiveX controls, files, multimedia, and images.

Web Site Map Shapes

Examples of Web Diagrams

Web Site Map

Web Site Map

Conceptual Website

Conceptual Website

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I really do appreciate finding such a well-thought-out web site design software with so many choices and ways to do things. There are a lot of software out there but after trying several, I'm convinced that this one has the most to offer for a good price - some of the heavy CAD programs are too much for the likes of me, people who don't need that much power nor extent to create some of the in-depth plans and drawings. This one appears as though it will give me all that I need & want. Thanks again!

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