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On the start page, you can choose the BPMN Template in the Flowchart category. With the library of shapes built into this business process software, the BPMN tool will help you create and share professional-looking diagrams with drag-and-drop ease.

BPMN Template - event, flow

An Event is represented with a circle and denotes something that happens. Icons within the circle denote the type of event.

Start events are also classified as Catching (as in, they might catch an incoming message to Start the process) or Throwing (as in, they might throw a message at the End of the process). It acts as a trigger for the process; indicated by a single narrow border; and can only be Catch, so it is shown with an open (outline) icon.

Intermediate event represents something that happens between the start and end events; is indicated by a tramline border; and can Throw or Catch (using solid or open icons as appropriate) - for example, a task could flow to an event that throws a message across to another pool and a subsequent event waits to catch the response before continuing.

End event represents the result of a process; is indicated by a single thick or bold border; and can only Throw, so it is shown with a solid icon.

BPMN Template - Pool, Panel, Gateway

A Pool is a "swimlane" and a graphical container for partitioning a set of activities from other Pools (see the figure on the right), usually in the context of B2B situations. A Lane is a sub-partition within a Pool and will extend the entire length of the Pool, either vertically or horizontally (see the figure on the right). Lanes are used to organize and categorize activities. A Gateway is represented by the familiar diamond shape (see the figure on the right) and is used to control the divergence and convergence of Sequence Flow. Thus, it will determine traditional decisions, as well as the forking, merging, and joining of paths. Internal Markers will indicate the type of behavior control.

All the symbols can be change the background color, line color. You can modify the border style, font too. It's easy to insert your company logo or other symbols.

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