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Circle Spoke Diagram

Draw circle spoke diagrams readily from smart circle spoke shapes and templates!

Circle Spoke Diagram

Circle Spoke Diagram

A circle spoke diagram is a diagram meant to illustrate that every spoke is equal in value. Circle-spoke diagrams are used to show the relationships between a single main element and several satellites, such as some students and a teacher.

Circle Spoke Diagram Software - Modify the Circle Spokes Easily

Edraw Max is a vector-based diagram software with rich examples and smart shapes for process modeling, benchmarking, simulation and improvement, circle process, path routing, scope and marketing mix, product life and adoption cycles. It's easy to create the circle spoke diagrams and modify the circle spokes readily as needed.

Process Software - Circle Spoke Diagram

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Circle Spoke Diagram Shapes

This marketing diagram template helps you draw just about any imaginable chart or graph and in considerable detail. In addition, you have access to various process and list, grid and chart and graph additions.

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How to Create the Circle Spoke Diagram

On the Library menu, point to Predefined Libraries, point to Business, and then click Marketing Charts drawing type.

From Marketing Diagrams, drag a Circle-spoke diagram shape onto the drawing page. Click the action button to change the number of outer circles you want, and then click OK.

Circle Spoke Diagram

Tip To add or delete outer circles later, select the circle-spoke diagram, click Set Circle Number, Add a Circle or Delete a Circle option.

The designer can scale the blue handle to change the position of circle-spoke diagram as needed.

Reposition an outer circle by dragging the yellow control handle in the center of it.

To add text to a circle, select the circle-spoke diagram, click an individual circle and then type.

Example of Circle Spoke Diagram

For example, you can add annotations to the circle spoke diagram. Because you can drag shapes in the canvas without a hitch, this particular template is often more flexible than similar charting and graphing in a drawing. The ability to add various diagrams into the chart or graph lets this template well exceed most spreadsheets.

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