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How to Create Invoice

Want to create your invoice with amazing appearance? Learn a quick way to create an invoice based on examples and templates in Edraw.

Choosing Chart Type - Invoice

First open Edraw. Choose the Invoice Template in the Business Form Category. The icon looks like this.

Invoice Software

Double click it and Edraw will create a new blank document with pre-drawn invoice symbols. Or you can start directly with these templates. Only need to double click them.

Invoice Templates

What should be included in an invoice?

Company Details

The following should be included:

Company name, Company address, Company telephone number and email address.

Company Number

VAT registration number, Invoice number.

Each of your invoices should have a unique invoice number. Although called a number, it can include letters. A common method is to prefix invoices with letters that indicate the client. For example: ED001.

Customer Details

The name of the agency, or client if contracting directly.


You should include the following dates:

Date: the date the invoice was raised.

Due date: the date by which payment should be made. Normally 30 days after the invoice date.

Service and Fees

This section requires the following: A description of the services provided, The gross amount due, the VAT amount and the total amount due.

Payment terms

Specify how you would like to receive the money.

Edit Invoice Form

All the elements in the document can be edited and modified. You can resize the cell width, height and change the borders style.

Edit Invoice Form

You can merge or split the cells, too.

merge or split the cell

All operators are similar with the Excel so that the users feel very easy to learn.

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