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How to Create a Line Chart

We offer a simple tutorial to help you learn how to draw a line chart, increase your understanding and work more effectively with our Line Chart Software.

Line Chart

Line Chart Sub-Types

Line charts are ideal for showing trends over time. It displays data as a series of points connected by a line. This type of chart is best suited for showing data for a large number of groups. Line charts have the following chart subtypes:

Line and line with markers

line with markers

Step line and step line with markers

step line with markers


An area chart displays data as areas filled with color or patterns. This type of chart is best suited for showing data for a limited number of groups.


Step area

Step area

How to Draw a Line Chart

Open the Line Chart Template from the Chart library. Drag the shape from library to start your line charts.

Edit Line Chart Data

Double click the value text above line point to edit the chart data, the line point position changes according to the rate of its point value and axis max value.

Change Line Marker Style

Select a line sub shape > Click the floating action button to change its marker style.

Change line marker style

Change the Interval Between Line Points (category)

Select the chart > Horizontally move the yellow diamond handle on bottom of the second point (category).

Change the interval between line points

Set Line Fill Style

Select a line sub shape, change its line style.

Note: Hold Shift key and click the color bar on bottom of the Edraw window to change line color.

Add a Category

Click Add a Category on chart action menu.

Delete a Category

Click Delete a Category on chart action menu, you can also select the category sub shape and press - Delete key to delete it.

Set Category Number

Click Set Category Number on chart action menu, the minimum value is 1.

Set Series Number

Click Set Series Number on chart action menu, the minimum value is 1.

Set Axis Max Value

Click Set Max Value on chart action menu to set the axis max value.

Hide/Show Value Text

Click Hide/Show Value on chart action menu.

Change the Position of Value Text

Click Value Text Options on chart action menu, on Shape Data dialog click Text Position to choose the text position. This is not available in stacked and 100% stacked bar chart.

Set Value Precision

Click Precision on chart action menu to set the precision of column value and axis value.

Hide/Show Axis

Click Hide/Show Axis on chart action menu.

Hide/Show Legend

Click Hide/Show Legend on chart action menu.

Move Legend

Select legend sub shape > Move it to the position you want.

Share the line chart

When you complete the line chart, you can save it as the project file for revision later. You can print it or export it as the html, pdf, svg, transparent png format. You can also export it to MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint with one click.

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