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Doughnut Chart Software

Edraw provides some interactive doughnut graph shapes that offer advanced features yet is simple to use.

Doughnut chart is a kind of circle chart similar to pie chart. The only difference between them is that the doughnut chart has empty space in the middle. The primary strength of a donut chats is that it can visualize several series of data on only one chart. Edraw Doughnut Software helps to present and communicate data and information dynamically. You can easily collect, archive, organize, analyze, visualize and report complicated data in no time. Try it to make doughnut charts as attractive as real doughnuts.

Doughnut Chart Software

Features of Edraw Doughnut Software

• Highly efficient and scalable infrastructure for management of constantly streaming data;
• Cutting-edge user applications for organization, visual analysis and report of operational, asset health and management related information;
• Consolidation of disparate data sources into a highly scalable data management platform;
• Easy change of data by dragging and dropping the diamond handle;
• Automatic alteration of percentage after changing the category number or section area;
• Textbox automatically occurs after editing a category's value for more detailed description;
• High precision with configurable number of decimal places to show values.

In a word, doughnut chart helps to demonstrate the changes of data into its constituents. With Edraw's wide variety of pre-drawn doughnut graph examples and over 6000 symbols, charting couldn't be easier!

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It works at the following doughnut graphs:

Using Edraw is an easy way to design doughnut graph, percentage doughnut, multi-pie graph, multi-level doughnut and more.

pie chart graphs

Doughnut chart shows the relationship between parts and a whole; however, it can contain more than one data series.

Doughnut displays data in rings, where each ring represents a data series.

Multi-level doughnut is like an exploded pie chart, but it can contain more than one data series.

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