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Edraw Max V3.3

Better Solution for Flowcharts, Org Charts, Network Diagrams.
Edraw Max, vector-based diagramming software, allows users to create flowcharts, organizational charts, workflow diagrams, software diagrams, network diagrams and more.

Edraw's ease of use makes it particularly suitable for users who need to create professional quality drawings quickly and simply, without having to invest time in learning to use a complex application.

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Edraw Max V3 is indispensable for nearly everyone: students, scientists and business people. The variety of its features will satisfy even the most demanding and experienced user, while the simplicity of the interface and easy-to-use drawing tools will not embarrass an amateur. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, presenting all kinds of information and data becomes downright simple: just drag the template from the toolbar and drop it onto your page. Many pre-drawn library objects guarantee that every presentation looks special and innovative.

With Edraw Max V3, you can use either flowcharts or organizational charts to visualize and structure information. A flowchart illustrates different stages of a process or different elements of a system. By visualizing the stages and the elements, a flowchart can help identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies that can be improved. An organizational chart illustrates the hierarchical structure of different organizations, such as financial, retailing or medical. It is designed to fit the needs of human resources management and office administration.

Using Workflow Diagrams can be helpful in business process management. By visualizing all the tasks, which need accomplishment, one can most effectively allocate them to departments and individual employees. As for the Software Diagrams, they are ideal for software developers and program managers who need to interpret applications, using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). For network administrators, there are pre-drawn Network Diagrams representing computers and the variety of devices. Business Diagrams are a real finding for managers and economists. The sales and replanning diagrams, as well as target performance management diagrams are essential for the day-to-day running of the company.

What's the Difference Between V3 and V6

Edraw Max V6 is the higher version of Edraw product line. Edraw Max V6 has the Office 2007 interface and all the Ribbon features. As the higher version, Edraw Max V6 can open the files created in V3.

Edraw Max V3 is rather a lightweight yet incredibly powerful diagramming tool. It's Visio like and Office 2003 style. It's a good choice for some users who like the simple style interface.

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