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It is a powerful and easy-to-use Electrical Design software which helps you create professional-looking electrical diagrams based on standard electrical symbols. Our electrical design software will assist you in drawing your electrical diagrams with minimal effort and makes it pretty easy for beginners. Built-in electrical symbols and smart connectors present your electrical drawings, electrical schematic, wiring diagrams and blueprints in electrical standards intelligently.

Electrial Design

With Eraw, Exceed Expectation

1) Circuit diagram creation - fast
Electrical diagrams are created extremely fast owe to the unique Model Based drag'n draw functions. No other diagram software can match this feature! Save tons of time using our program as your electrical design software.

2) Symbols and objects C intelligent
It possesses more than six thousand symbols. All symbols and objects are designed as intelligent. They think for themselves so they know what the proper behavior is at different occasions. They can even tell you how to apply them when you move the cursor over them.

3) Alignment and arrangement C automatic
All you have to do is imagine and Edraw do the rest hard work for you. Everything is aligned and lay out perfectly, automatically.

4) Output - vector
Output is vector results which can be expanded or zoomed down as you please, without losing clarity.

5) Technology support C free
Got a question? Feel free to email us. Our awesome experts are always standing by ready to help, for free.

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Electrical Design Software

Basic Electrical Design Symbols

The following images show some basic electrical symbols such as ground, equi-potentiality, chassis, cell, battery, resister, attenuator, contact, capacitor, accumulator, crystal, fuse, source, transducer, inductor, etc.

Basic Electrical Design Symbols

The following images display some extended electrical symbols such as surge protectors, permanent magnet, magnet core, ferrite core, ignite plug, bell, buzzer, thermal element, lamp,  speaker, microphone, oscillator, AC source, DC source, etc.

extended electrical symbols

More Electrical Symbols

Integrated Circuit Symbols

Switch Symbols

Semiconductor Symbols

Transmission Path Symbols

Qualifying Symbols

Terminal and Connector Symbols

Process Flow Diagram Symbols

Process and Instrumentation Drawing Symbols

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