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Family Tree

Family tree is a chart of information that shows the relationships of family members over time. They show family connections between individuals, consisting of the names with marital and parental connection lines.

Family Tree Software

Edraw has the tools to make it easy to create a family tree chart of all the members in your family. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. Simply add more pages to extend the family tree to more generations. It is also very useful for viewing and printing your genealogy information in many different styles.

Family Tree Software

Free Download the Family Tree Chart Software.

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Start to Draw a Family Tree Chart

Firstly you need to record what you have already known about your family members. Ask your relatives about other family members, because this will save time and effort searching for records. Make sure that all your documents are properly organized so that you can properly analyze them when creating your family tree.

Once completed, you can use one build-in family tree template to create your first family tree.

Symbols for Family Tree

Family Tree Template is the smartest way to manage the genealogy and chart your family. By using the improved family tree shapes, you can easily add family members' photos to these pre-drawn shapes.

Symbols for Family Tree, Org Chart

Edraw includes a professional Family Tree template which is easy to create your family tree and organizes your genealogy.

Family Tree Examples

The following family tree examples are created by Edraw and included in the software.

Family Tree Template

Family Tree Template with Photo

Jazz up your family tree chart by adding a photo and colorful background. All the texts in your family tree chart will sit on the bottom of the photo.

Family Tree Template with Photo

How to Draw Family Tree

Want to share your family history and ancestry with future generations? Learn a quick way to create a personalized Family Tree in Edraw. This can be something fun to do for family reunions and you can use the skills you learn to make other kinds of organizational charts.

First, open Edraw. Choose the Family Tree Template in the Organizational Chart Category. Drag a predefined symbol from the template and put it on the upmost page, type the name of whomever you would like to start your family tree. Right click the shape you can replace a photo from your disk. Use the connector to organize your generations.

Free Download Family Tree Software and View All Examples

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Smart Shapes for Drawing Family Tree

Create Family Tree with Free Family Tree Templates

How to Draw an Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart Examples

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