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Six Major Flowchart Elements

What are the elements to reflect the differences in flow chart definitions? Summed up six flow chart elements and hope we can remember.


Who is in this process? System, a printer, or a role.

For example, there are three people involved in customer service. If the nature of their work is exactly the same, then the flowchart just need a customer service role.

Flowchart Elements


Do something, such as ordering, billing and other activities.


What happened before and after the activity, which task is a precondition for other tasks?

For example, if a guest do not checkout, it will not have to send him discount card.


The beginning of each activity depends on what kind of input material or data,

For example, cooking chef need to get a specific point menu then began cooking.


After the end of each activity, what kind of document or data will be passed to the next activity.

For example, the cooking chef completed the dishes, how to get the people responsible for delivering dishes know the dish is ready?


A standardized set of flow chart symbols used to pass your flow chart, so that the audience can understand faster. About the standardization of the flow chart, is not mandatory, in fact, we have seen many types of flow chart. However, in a company's environment,  the standardized symbols will bring many benefits on the exchange if the audience of your flowchart is very much.

flowchart symbols

These flowchart elements can also be used to determine whether the flow chart is professional.

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