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It's easy to use the full geographic reach of your business with the our geological mapping software. Whether you're setting up sales regions, marketing campaigns, or computer networks, you can quickly find shapes for specific regions and countries by using the Search for Shapes feature. You can use the shapes to create your own customized maps or to add map shapes to existing diagrams.

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These Geo Map Shapes represent most of the countries/regions of the world (some are omitted because their boundaries are in dispute).

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Geo Map Shapes

Edraw includes the geo maps of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, N. America and S. America. You can also color the individual map shapes and borders and format the shape text to give your diagrams whatever regional emphasis you want.

Geo Map Shapes

More Geological Mapping Shapes

You can click the following icons to review the geological maps of Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

Geological map - Asia

geo map australia

Geo Map - Europe

Geo Map - North America

Geo Map - South America

geo map - africa

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