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Highlight Flowchart Software

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It's easy to create professional-looking highlight flowcharts thanks to Edraw. In the Flowchart category, you can double click the Highlight Flowchart thumbnail. Then the relative highlight flowchart templates will be opened in the symbol panel.

Highlight Flowchart Software

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Highlight Flowchart Templates

Highlight flowchart templates provide a number of ready-made highlight flowchart shapes such as arrows, lines and stencils which can be used for creating new flowcharts. The shapes are grouped in topical sets. These sets form a flowchart library or template file. Therefore, a library or a template file is a collection of shapes used under different topics such as flow chart, basic shapes, computer network and so on. The flowchart template that is most similar to your project can be simply selected and customized to meet your needs.

highlight flowchart template

Make a Simple Highlight Flowchart

Drag the shapes from the highlight flowchart template, then double click the shape to edit the text. Use the Connector Tool to connect them. Double click the connector to edit the text in the smart connector. All the highlight flowchart shapes can be recolored. You only need to select them and then change the fill color. See the following highlight flowchart Example.

Make a simple highlight flowchart

Free Download Flowchart Software and View All Examples

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