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How to create a BPMN Diagram

You can use the new BPMN symbols in Edraw max to create BPMN diagrams and give business participants the ability to understand their business processes using a graphical notation and to communicate these processes in a uniform manner.

Create BPMN from BMPN Template

Edraw includes a BPMN template that contains the graphical elements described by the BPMN 2.0 specification.

Click the File tab.

Click New, click Flowchart, and then double-click BPMN Diagram.

Create BPMNfrom BMPN Template

Edraw will create a new document and open the BMPN template in the left library panel.

BPMN Shapes in BMPN Template

The BPMN template corresponds to the complete set of diagram elements to comply with the BPMN Process Modeling Conformance defined in the specification document. With the BPMN template, it is easy to add the diagram elements to produce Collaboration, Choreography and Conversation diagrams.

BPMN Templates

BPMN Diagrams are Essential Flowcharts

To create BPMN diagrams, BPMN objects are selected in the template and dragged in the drawing Area. For each step in the process, drag a shape from the template to the page, and connect the shapes as usual. A label can be added by simply double clicking on the shape placed in the drawing area. Some shapes can be resized. Colors can also be used to better convey modeler objectives.

BPMN Flowchart

The basic units of a process are tasks, subprocesses, and events. Subprocesses and tasks are represented by rectangles, events by circles. Various icons within those shapes indicate the particular type of event or subprocess.

Add Pool in BMPN Diagram

Process participants are defined by pools which may be subdivided into swimlanes. A participant, a role or a position can be represented by a Lane. You can specify who to play the role when you start your workflow.

To add a pool, you can drag the pool shape into the drawing area, then move the yellow control point to change the size of the pool. Double click the text to start type.

bpmn add pool

A single business process diagram can be composed of multiple pools, meaning multiple executable processes.

bmpn diagram

Add BPMN Attributes

Edraw enables users to set and populate nonvisible BPMN 2.0 attributes. Each object can be set its BPMN defined Attributes identified in a contextual Panel. Right click a shape, then click the Property...

In the pop up dialog, you can set the custom property.

Design Custom Properties

Free Download Edraw Max for BMPN Diagram

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