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Relations Diagram

Draw relations diagram easily from examples and templates!

Relations Diagram addresses multiple complex relationships between different elements by showing relationships between items with a network of boxes and arrows. It is extensively used to depict all different relationships between factors, areas, or processes which cannot be organized into familiar structures such as hierarchies or matrices.

Relations Diagram Software

Edraw is an easy relations diagram drawing software with rich examples and templates to help a group analyze the natural links between different aspects of a complex situation.

Relations Diagram Software

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Relations Diagram Template

This entity relationship template helps you create any imaginable relations in considerable detail.

relations symbols

In addition, you have access to the arrow shapes to build the relations between entities.

arrow shapes

Callouts shapes are very important in the relations diagram. You can find them in the General symbol category.

Callouts shapes

Relations Diagram Example

The following example shows a relations diagram in a software development company.

Relations Diagram Example

How To create a Relations Diagram

Drag the entity symbols to the drawing page for every element involved in a project.

Compare each element to all the others. Use arrow shapes to connect related elements.

The arrows should be drawn from the element that influences to the one influenced.

Double click the arrow line, the designer can edit the text.

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