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First of all, is there a flow in drawing a flowchart itself? The answer is yes. In software engineering, we may hear that: everything is object. The same is to the flowchart: everything is flow. Is there a flow in eating? Seen from the actions of eating, the flow is: hold chopsticks, pick up food with chopsticks, send the food into mouth, chew and swallow.

flowchart of eating

Although there are many symbols that can be used in flowcharts to represent different kinds of steps, accurate flowcharts can be created using very few (e.g. Process, Decision, Start, delay, cloud).

For this part, many students may ask: please introduce the tools for drawing a flowchart!

I am in favor of tools and believe in "better tools make for good work". Tools themselves are good teachers who can teach us, besides skills, some theories and ideas, which are important parts of the "tools". For new learners, the pen and paper are always the best tools for starting.

Then what is the flow for drawing a flowchart? Here I suggest four steps as follows:

flowchart guide

1. Investigation

How to quickly know about the true actions of a business? Are there any skills for investigation?

2. Sorting and presentation

Can the texts and questions obtained from the investigation be quickly converted into a flowchart?

What is the standardized transaction flowchart?

How to evaluate a flowchart?

3. Review and Confirm

Does the flowchart carry a reflection of the real transaction?

4 Archiving

How can a flowchart respond to the constant changes of the flow?

Read how to draw flowchart to learn more about the process.

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