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Spider Diagram

Spider diagram is widely used for planning or creating ideas in a neat and clearly structured layout. It allows you to think about the main idea and then how the ideas are seen to be present in many parts.

Spider diagram starts with a central idea and branches out. The main differences between spider diagram and mind map are that spider diagrams do not always use color and there is no specific way which you must apply to structure a spider diagram.

Edraw offers a number of ready-made spider graph charting templates to help you record information and provoke ideas.

Spider Chart Software

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Type of diagram: Mind Map

Spider Map

Spider map writes main ideas on the slanted lines that connect to the circle. Write details on the branch lines.

Spider Map

More Templates

The following templates can be reused in the Edraw software. They are grouped in topical sets as chart templates.

Fact-Opinion Chart Radar Chart KWS Chart
Fact-Opinion Chart Radar Chart KWS Chart
Spider Chart Describing Wheel Web / Cluster Diagram
Spider Chart Describing Wheel Web / Cluster Diagram

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