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Subway Map Software

With Edraw, you can quickly create the subway map for city subway map using vector metro symbols.

Subway Map Software

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Edraw is ideal for designer who need to draw a map of some roads in the city.

The designer can use Google map as reference.

The graphic artist can follow the exact blocks with roads as shown in Google map and create re-drawn map and use a nice color scheme.

The map will be printable and the color will be like the color of flyers or any maps for official use.

The map can cover only some blocks in a city and the color scheme will be in full color.

The artist can revise the map later.

The map size, line width and colors are all customizable.

Subway Map Symbols

Lots of free subway symbols are available for metro line, metro corner, station, transfer station, cross station, etc.

Subway Symbols

Plenty of free landmark icons are available for gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, schools, community offices and libraries, etc.


City Subway Map Example

A city subway map template is ready to use in vector format for your own designs.

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