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Transaction Flow Diagram

Transaction Flow Diagram (TFD) represents a specific business process by using graphic elements (symbols, lines).

To create a transaction flow diagram, programs designed specifically for the purpose of drawing flowcharts are particularly well-suited to the task.

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The top-down method is used for TFA. Firstly, draw the upper layer of TFD; next, draw each description function to detail the TFD.

Six Basic Transaction Flow Diagram Symbols

The normative symbols of TFD are defined as follows:

Unit Symbol Symbol of unit or department processing the transaction; represent someone or something involved in the transaction.
flow Symbol of flow and direction of data; represent by an arrow.
arrow flow Symbol of flow.
data store Symbol of documents, files and forms; represent carrier of data.
transaction Symbol of transaction description; generally represent by a simple imperative sentence.
documents Symbol of data storage or documents; represent another carrier of data which is stored as the archive.

More Examples of Transaction Flow Diagram

The following transaction flow diagram examples are created using Edraw diagram software and are included in flowchart category.

Course Flowchart service flowchart Service Cross Function Flowchart
Course Flowchart Service Flowchart Cross Function Flowchart

How to Draw a Transaction Flow Diagram

1. Firstly, make clear the input, processing, storage (inventory), output and immediate access of the transaction; then collect relevant information and data;

2. Clarify relations between posts or processes;

3. Remove unnecessaries; integrate equivalents, add new contents, and;

4. Determine which ones are to be processed by computer system.

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