Types of Database Diagram - Overview

Edraw defines some database diagram types and divides them into five categories. Every database diagram type has specific shapes and examples.

Database Diagram

Chen ERD contains special shapes and settings for creating entity relationship diagrams based on the Chen ERD notation.

Chen ERD

Database Model Diagram contains special shapes and settings for creating database model diagrams. Supports IDEF1X and relational notations.

Express-G Diagram contains special shapes and setting for creating entity level and schema level diagrams, and product data models using the Express-G notation.

Martin ERD contains particular shapes (objects, constraints, connectors, predicates, and relationships) and settings for creating object-relationship models and static diagrams in object-oriented analysis and design.

ORM Diagram includes some pre-defined chemistry molecular model shapes, such as atomic structures, C60 structure, Diamond structure, sodium chloride, CH4, C2H6. Only drag them into the view and start your work.

ORM Diagram

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