Vector PDF Software

Edraw offers a built-in export as PDF feature, so users can effortlessly create vector documents and convert diagrams into pdf format.

Vector PDF Software

The following vector PDF files are created by Edraw Max V7. Click the icon to view the quality.

chart.pdf diagram.pdf
flowchart.pdf mindmap.pdf
orgchart.pdf project.pdf

There are three options to create different quality PDF files.

1. Export High Quality PDF

  1. On File menu, point to Export & Send, and click PDF option.
  2. Click the Vector PDF button.
  3. Edraw will export the active document into vector PDF format. All texts and images are in vector format in the PDF document.

2. Export High Quality PDF with Hyperlink

  1. On File menu, point to Export & Send, and click Office option.
  2. Click the PowerPoint button.
  3. The MS PowerPoint document window will be embedded into the Edraw program and the current diagram will be exported to a blank MS PowerPoint document automatically.
  4. Click the Save As button in the PowerPoint program. Choose the PDF format.

Note: It needs MS PowerPoint installed.

3. Print PDF File with Visual Printer

  1. On File menu, point to Print, and click Print option.
  2. Choose the visual printer installed in the PC.
  3. Edraw will print the active document into PDF file.

Free Download Vector PDF Software and View All Examples

free download41.1MB

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