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Venn Diagram

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Venn Chart

What is Venn Diagram

A Venn diagram is an graphical illustration of the relationships between and among sets of data, groups of objects that share something in common. The Venn Diagram is made up of two or more overlapping circles that show all possible logical relations between a finite collection of sets. Venn diagram is also called as Set Diagram and Venn Chart and is used to illustrate areas of overlap between elements.

Definitions of Venn Diagram

2 Alternate Definitions of Venn Diagram

Venn diagram is a diagram with overlapping circles that show similarities, differences, and relationships between the sets to make them visually represented. Similarities between groups are represented in the intersecting portions of the circles, while differences are represented in the non-intersecting portions of the circles.

A diagram using circles to represent sets, with the position and overlap of the circles indicating the relationships between the sets.

History of Venn Diagram

The Venn diagram was developed by John Venn, an English mathematician. Venn diagram is actually commemorated in the form of a stained glass window at his former college. By graphically showing how sets of data related to each other, Venn greatly clarified the field of set theory. Later mathematicians tweaked with the form of the Venn diagram, but the basic system remains the same, and in wide use around the world.

Why use Venn Diagram

Venn diagram is very useful as a graphics organization tool while comparing and contrasting two things, two subjects, two places, two things, or even two different people. It is used in scientific and engineering presentations, in computer sciences, in theoretical mathematics, and in statistics. Venn diagrams can help you see how much different things have in common. For example, on a marketing team you might use a Venn diagram to demonstrate how different market sectors overlap. On a human resource department you might use a Venn diagram to demonstrate how different staff's skills overlap. In a classroom, the teachers might use a Venn diagram to get students think about the relationships between things.

How to Draw a Venn Chart Easily

Edraw max is helpful for the drawing of Venn diagrams on PCs. The built-in Venn templates take all the work out of creating great-looking diagrams. Enjoy the features of drag and drop, quick style, and small arrangement and rich text using our market-leading Venn diagram software.

venn diagram template

For example, you can click the action button to add a circle or delete a circle. You can move the yellow control point to change the distance and size of these circles. Double click to edit the text. You can use the text block tool to change the text position anywhere.

It is also very easy to change the different Venn diagram layout and color because the sub-circle can be individually selected and recolored in Edraw.

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Basic Venn Diagram Example

Professional Venn software with lots of build-in business chart examples created by Edraw. Easily learn how to draw a Venn Diagram. Create Venn diagram rapidly from Venn examples and easily learn how to draw other business diagrams.

Basic Venn Diagram

3 Circles Venn Diagram

Venn Diagrams with 3 circles attempts to make each of the zones (the set intersections) proportional to the population (value) assigned to the zone. Note that, in general, the areas will be approximate as an ideal solution is generally not possible using circles.

3 Circles Venn Diagram

Smart Venn Diagram

The following smart Venn diagram sample is included in our Venn Diagram Software. With the built-in smart shapes, you can draw Venn diagram with great ease from examples and templates!

Venn Diagram

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